Since 1987, I have striven to bring imaginative design to residential, healthcare, and commercial clients.


I create new and renovated spaces that relate to the outdoors, readily serve their purpose, and are enjoyable to live, work, or play in. I balance innovation with a response to the site and its context of landscape or other buildings. I look for creative ways to solve design problems. Natural light is extremely important to me, and I try to integrate it well with the interior environment. I am adamant about understanding the environment that the client will later work or live in. I always consider the activities of the workspace or family space, as well as how the design will positively influence their experience in those spaces. Anyone can make a design complicated.............the real challenge of an architect is to create a simple design.

  • Joel P. Slaughter, D.M.D.
    Bruce S. Logan, D.D.S.
    Associates for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Dear Drs. Slaughter and Logan:

    "Congratulations are in order on your selection of a local architect. In all my years of reviewing plans, this is perhaps the most thorough set of documents I have ever seen. I also happened to see a project of Mr. Richey's receiving an award in a national architectural magazine that we subscribe to. If Mr. Richey's costs are in order, you are definitely getting your monies worth out of him and his personnel."

    John Marasco
    Robert Marasco, Architect
    Colorado Springs, Colorado